Speaking Spaniel specialise in personalised puppy & dog training programmes, one to one packages or behaviour support for spaniels, cockapoos & spaniel mixed breeds from 8 weeks. Spaniels are my passion but I love all dogs so programmes can be adapted to any other breed of dog. Covering - Oswestry and surrounding areas

Do you run puppy or dog training classes?

I do not offer puppy or dog training classes. I am a spaniel specialist who works one to one with my clients and their dogs as they all have individual need, personalities. natural instincts and requirements that would be difficult to address in a class situation. There are a number of excellent trainers in the area I could recommend for general training classes. Click Here contact me if you require any help finding a puppy or dog training class

Do you only work with spaniels?

I am a spaniel specialist but I love all breeds of dog. All my one to one programmes are personalised they so they  can be adapted to any breed of puppy or dog but my style of training best suits spaniel, Cockapoos, other spaniel cross breeds, gundogs and other working dogs. f you would like further information or to arrange a support call to discuss your requirement Click Here

Where are you located?

I am based in Oswestry and cover suitable local locations within 10 miles. Other locations in North Shropshire and the Welsh borders can be booked but will include an additional travel charge depending on the distance. I offer video call programmes if you are outside the area that I cover for face to face sessions or for dogs that are anxious around new people or with issues that do not require hands on support.
If you would like  further information or to arrange a support call to discuss your requirement Click Here

How do the programmes work?

All of the programmes are personalised to your family whether it is a puppy programme for their first puppy or an older dog that requires refresher training or they need behaviour support.
The programmes are 5 sessions & include an initial assessment and planning session in you home followed by 4 sessions to work through the plan. These are either at your home, or in an appropriate real life location.. If you would like  further information or to arrange a support call to discuss your requirement Click Here

What are your qualifications & experience?

I have been a qualified dog trainer since 2016, I have experience with and been recommended by the following organisations, The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), The Dog Training College (DTC) and a Certified Family Dog Mediator. L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation® Professional Course.
I am currently studying the Behaviour Bible from The School of Canine Science and I am constantly updating my knowledge of  behaviour and understanding spaniels, Cockapoos and other spaniel crossbreeds to ensure I give my clients the best and most up to date information for them and their dogs

What methods do I use?

I only use gentle and reward based training methods and would never use or condone the use of shock, prong or choke collars and I will never hurt or bully dogs or their families. I follow the ethics of all the organisations I have trained with.

What do I offer to my clients and their dogs?

I offer all my clients support with their spaniel, Cockapoo or other spaniel crossbreed to help then understand their dog's needs emotions, personality and natural instincts and by taking into account the families needs and wishes for a happy long term relationship with their dog