Hello, I would love to help you & your spaniel, cockapoo or other spaniel cross breeds through personalised one to one dog training & support programmes, which will help you understand your puppy or dog's needs emotions, personality & natural instincts by building your confidence, communication and connection in natural environments. Covering Oswestry and surrounding areas 

I specialise in understanding the needs, emotions and natural instincts of you spaniel, cockapoo & other spaniel cross breeds by improving your communication, confidence & connection.
  • Cocker spaniels, cockapoos & cockadors
  • Springer spaniels & sprockers. sproodles & springadors
  • Cavalier King Charles, Field, Welsh springers, Sussex, Clumbers & all other spaniel crossbreeds 
Whether you have a new puppy, an adolescent or an older dog, your individual programme can include support with:
  • Understanding their individual  emotions, needs personality & harnessing their natural instincts
  • Bonding, confidence, communication & relationship building
  • Setting sleep, rest & feeding routines
  • Toilet, pen or crate training
  • Support with natural behaviours such as biting, barking or jumping up
  • Puppy, puppy plus, and adolescent training skills & appropriate socialisation in natural environments
  • Loose lead walking
  • Behaviour support such as separation, guarding & anxiety
Personalised one to one training & support programmes can take place at your home or an appropriate public place .

Programmes include:
Puppy & adolescent programmes
Communication, confidence & connection programmes

Face to face programmes are available within 10 miles of Oswestry other locations in North Shropshire and the Welsh borders will include an additional travel charge depending on the distance.

Online video programmes are available for dogs that are anxious around new people or with issues that do not require hands on support, or if you are outside the area that I cover for face to face sessions.

For further information on how I can help you please complete & send the contact form so I can call you to discuss how I can assist you. I look forward to speaking with your very soon.

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You can also contact me via e-mail gill@speakingspaniel.co.uk , by phone or WhatsApp to 07595217299. I aim to reply to all contact within 2 working days of receipt