Training and Behaviour Support - Video Call Programme

Training and behaviour support video programme 

For spaniels, Cockapoos and other spaniel crossbreeds

Suitable for dogs that are anxious around new people or with issues that do not require hands on support.

Or if you are outside the area that I cover for face to face sessions.


4 x 60 minute video sessions via WhatsApp, Zoom or Teams

Programmes can cover:




Biting & chewing,




Programme - £180

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Speaking Spaniel also offers one to one:

We specialise in spaniels, Cockapoos & other spaniel crossbreeds but can adapt programmes to all other breeds

We only use gentle, rewarding & pain free methods of training to help you understand your dog's needs, personality & natural instincts while considering the learning styles of you both and listening to your needs and goals. 

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