Understanding why you dog barks at home and thing you can do to reduce their barking. Dogs bark because they are communicating to let us know they are here or there is something they have heard seen or smelled they are unsure or scared of & are telling it to go away

  •  20/01/2024 10:15

Recall is one of the most regular behaviours I am asked to help with because if a dog can’t recall back to you in distracting or potentially dangerous environments the result can be at best annoying and embarrassing to you and others or at worse potentially dangerous for your dog and frightening for you if your dog is out of sight or have got themselves into a situation they or you are unable to deal with

  •  01/11/2023 10:55

Many of the initial enquiries I receive start with "How can I stop my puppy or dog ..........? doing things such as toileting in the house biting, chewing, barking, Jumping up, crying when left, guarding Items, chasing, pulling any other issues This blog will explain why these may not be answered successfully without seeking help from a dog trainer or behaviourist

  •  04/09/2023 13:15

Spaniels are full of personality, loyalty and have boundless energy and because of this they have long been chosen as companions for families. If you are new to spaniels being aware of their overriding hunting instinct that dates back centuries is important for your sanity and your relationship with them that you understand these instincts which underpin most of the activities, they enjoy.

  •  23/08/2023 11:09

Understanding Why Your Dog Barks & What You Can Do in the Different Situations Barking is one of your dog’s natural behaviours and one of their key methods of communication to us. other dogs and even inanimate objects. Even if we know and understand this, we as humans find barking irritating, annoying or embarrassing. In this blog, we'll delve into the understanding the emotional, & environmental to reasons why dogs bark and explore positive ways to manage and reduce excessive barking without compromising their happiness or well-being.

  •  30/07/2023 16:33

For many years it was normal & accepted practice for humans at school and for dogs in a training class to be taught in a classroom/hall environment where a "teacher" instructed & sometimes demonstrated to the class what they were learning that day and pupil/dog owner were supposed listen, maybe have ago and to go away with some "homework" and remember it before the next class. While I have been learning to become a better trainer I have found there are different and new ways to do many things that my client and their dogs expect from a dog trainer. One of the most enlightening to me was that over the last few decades the way people learn has been researched. It has now been accepted that one method does not fit all, as humans learn and retain information in different ways due to their physical limitations, genetics, upbringing, emotions, personalities & many other factors.

  •  24/10/2022 18:00