Gill & Speaking Spaniel offers personalised one to one programmes for families with spaniels, cockapoos & other spaniel crossbreeds. I have a programme suitable for puppies from 8 weeks and for the rest of their life with you. Programmes are devised to suit your dog's needs personality & natural instincts. while helping build you communication, confidence & connection.  Covering Oswestry & surrounding areas.

In July 2024 Gill & Speaking Spaniel relocated to Shropshire from Hampshire

I specialise in one to one training & support programmes for spaniels cockapoos & other spaniel crossbreeds from 8 weeks in natural environments through communication, confidence & connection focussing on their personal emotions, needs & natural hunting instincts

I offer all my clients support with their puppy or dog to help then understand their needs emotions, personality and natural instincts and by taking into account the families needs and wishes for a happy long term relationship with their dog
Our face to face programmes include:I also offer video call options for families who have yet to get their puppy, for dogs that would not benefit from strangers visiting their home or for anyone who lives outside my travelling distance.

I have been a qualified dog trainer since 2016, I have experience with and been recommended by the following organisations, The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), The Dog Training College (DTC) and a Certified Family Dog Mediator. L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation®. I am currently studying the Behaviour Bible from The School of Canine Science and I am constantly updating my knowledge of behaviour and understanding spaniel and all dogs to ensure I give my clients the best and most up to date information for them and their dogs

The programmes are not exclusively for spaniels and their crossbreeds and can be adapted to other working dogs such as Labradors & retrievers, pointers and hunt point & retrieve (HPR) dogs. II you would like to discuss whether a programme would suit your dog contact Gill via the contact us page.

Please note these programmes are not to train your dog to  become working gundog even though I use lots of gundog skills, there are specialist working gundog trainers for this.